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Cristina Solé is a CLOWN by nature.

She began her career in the performing arts in 1998.

During these more than 20 years, she has travelled the world with her own shows and also as a performer in other artists’ creations.

In 2017 she founded Cris Clown, her own company.

“Wet Floor” will be his first solo show, which will premiere at Fira Tàrrega.

Here he shows us a chaotic, crazy, lost and tremendously human character.

In 2020 he launches into a new great adventure with “Home”.
A creation with a more theatrical staging, which leads her to explore the fragility, stubbornness and irony of her clown, under the direction of Leandre Ribera.

Cristina has established herself as one of our best contemporary clowns.

She is also currently working as a performer in the shows: “N’imPORTE quoi” by the Leandre Clown company and “Jetlack” by Cia Iluya.

She is co-founder of Circo Imperfecto and Cia Los2play, with whom she has toured several times internationally with the shows: “Come Back” and “Star Fatal”.

She has also been part of the cast of great productions such as: Circus Klezmer by Adrian Zwarztein, Rodò (National Prize of Catalonia 2006) or Rolando Circus.

He has collaborated as a performer with the companies Los Excéntricos and La Industrial Teatrera.

Cristina Solé


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sweet home

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In a miserable house, a couple live their painful routine.

Drama at the service of comedy.

Good, loud laughter, the kind that heals.

fast-paced, exciting and hilarious show.

Wet Floor

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Wet Floor Cris Clown Fregando
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The show is about to begin.

The festival has contracted the services of the company “Wet Floor”, with more than 30 years of experience.

A woman from the cleaning brigade is in charge of preparing the stage.

A simple task, which turns into a mission impossible and leads to disaster.

A comedy that will make you lose your nerves and crack up with laughter!

Wet Floor Cris Clown 7